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Green Farm



We are a mother-daughter team with a love for all animals!


Our hobby farm started with just 4 alpacas 9 years ago. Although we said, we would only stick with alpacas - when the opportunity arose to help, rescue, or adopt an animal, we had a tough time saying no.



Today, we are home to much more than just our alpacas! Our farm family combines rescues, re-homed animals, and babies born on our farm. 


Living with animals on a property surrounded by nature has brought immense peace into our lives. Hearing the music of birds, smelling blooming flowers, and seeing the constant beauty of all living beings has opened our eyes to the importance of connecting with nature and animals.  We used to so often get caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle until we began to make the conscientious effort to appreciate the kindness of all animals and the beauty of nature.


We now want to share the amazing therapeutic benefits of being outside surrounded by animals with you!

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