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Private Farm Tour

 Relax and recharge on our farm!


Come to KiTri Farms to experience the beauty and therapeutic benefits of being around animals and within nature!

During your visit, we will guide you through our farm so you can meet and learn about all our animals. Come to KiTri Farms to relax, recharge, and enjoy the peacefulness of the farm!

Join my mom and I on our beautiful countryside farm to meet and hear stories about our loving farm family. Drive into our property to be met with spectacular views of nature and country living. We will first introduce you to our curious emus and have feathers you can touch. Meet the fluffy cows and feed our chickens snacks! We will then go in with our sheep and llama for cuddles! Finally, we will make our way into the paddock to meet and pet our goats, donkeys, and mini horses. You could also get the chance to see our free-range peacocks who might come by for a visit and our runner ducks!  

Our journey through our farm will be met with beautiful views, our flower garden, gazebo, and animals all around!

During your visit, you will be able to go into the animal's natural pastures to hang out and interact with them!

 Our priority during visits is a non-stressful environment for our animals and visitors!






Visits to the farm will be by appointment only - private tours- just your group.

We offer 1-hour private appointments to spend within our designated visiting area to meet our farm family!

Please note: we do not have any washrooms on-site at this time!




We do not have any small animals to pick up or hold.

None of our animals will be tethered to someone they do not know. 


Wearing boots or running shoes is important ( sandals are not recommended). Mud is possible, as well as stepping on poop - so it is better if you do not wear your favorite shoes!

Dress according to the weather because you will be outside!





Water, sunscreen, hat and closed-toe shoes. 

Comfortable clothes because they could get dirty

Camera to take pictures of the adorable animals 

What to Bring

We are located in Everett, Ontario.


We are also just an hour away from Toronto in the beautiful Ontario countryside.


Sunshine and light rain we have the accommodations for. 

However heavy rain, lightning, and heavy winds we may have to cancel. If that happens you will receive a full refund and will be given the option to reschedule for another time.

Dress accordingly 

We will additionally offer:


Hand Sanitizer 

Handwashing Station

Please note: there are no bathrooms on-site at this time.

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